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This site was founded to provide solutions for M1911 Buyers & Sellers. As a paid Subscriber, you may submit a WishList to provide information about your collecting needs. For best results, you may wish to furnish specific information about your collection, which allows me to make appropriate purchase suggestions when I decide to sell from my collection, or know of others selling such items I have inspected.

As a Subscriber, you may submit a Wishlist of WANTED items to me via e-mail at scott@m1911info.com. You must be specific about what you want, and what you are willing to pay or trade. I need detailed information to save time and make appropriate suggestions to you. There is no need to provide information to you about a $5000 pistol if you are only willing to pay $3000 to acquire it.

This service is provided to meet the needs of our Subscribers. If you have a pistol you are willing to sell or trade, please contact me and include a thorough description, the PRICE and good photos.  I must personally inspect all items before offering them to our Subscribers. I am NOT an FFL holder. Our local 01 FFL handles any firearm transfers, in accordance with the law.

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