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About Us

About Us


Scott and Vickie Gahimer

We attend many gun shows and collectible firearms auctions each year. I am a Life Member of the NRA, Colt Collector's Association and Tennessee Military Collector's Association. I am a member of various other gun collector associations, too. I was an 01 FFL dealer 1979-1985. I served in the U.S. Army 1976-1982 and Instructed at the U.S. Army Miltary Police School at  Ft. McClellan, AL 1978-1979. I began purchasing USGI and Axis pistols in 1977 and finally realized I was a gun collector at heart in 1985.

I am acknowledged in the highly acclaimed Collector’s Guide to Colt .45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 and 1911A1 3rd Edition (2003, 2004) by Charles W. Clawson. I am also acknowledged for doing the photography (54 of the 63 photos) in Mr. Cawson's book American-Made Mosin Nagant Rifles (2009). I am acknowledged in U.S. Military Automatic Pistols 1920-1945 by Edward Scott Meadows (2009).  In our collection and shown on this site are in excess of 100 fine examples specifically listed or pictured in books or articles by Charles W. Clawson, Charles W. Pate, Edward Scott Meadows and Dr. John W. Brunner.

I specialize in USGI handguns manufactured prior to 1946, and collect all of the following:

  • U.S. Military Trials pistols 1907-1911
  • M1911 pistols made 1912-1919 by Colt, Springfield Armory and Remington Arms-UMC
  • M1911A1 pistols made 1924, 1937-1945 by Colt, Singer, Remington Rand, Ithaca and Union Switch & Signal
  • M1911, M1911A1 holsters, web gear, ammunition, literature and other accoutrements
  • Colt Government Model pistols made 1912-1970
  • Colt Ace, Service Model Ace, Super .38 and Match Target “Bullseye” pistols made 1929-1947.
  • Colt, Springfield Armory and Stoeger .22 cal. Conversion Units
  • Colt Pocket Hammerless M1903 and M1908 Pistols made 1903-1945
  • High Standard pistols used by the U.S. military during WWII.
  • G.M. Guide Lamp FP-45 “Liberator” made 1942 
  • Various Colt revolvers used by the U.S. military, including the M1902, M1909, M1917, Commando, Official Police, Detective Special, etc…
  • Smith & Wesson M1917 and Victory Revolvers used by the U.S. military in WWI and WWII.
  • Norwegian M1912, M1914 and other M1911-M1911A1 copies made outside the U.S., P.08 Luger, P.38, Walther PP, PPk and other Axis Powers pistols made prior to 1946.
  • U.S. Military rifles and shotguns used from the American Indian Wars period through World War II.